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March 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I got to photograph this cute little guy for his first photo session ever. He was 3mos old when we did his photos so I felt he deserved a little more newborn treatment. I busted out my macro lens for some of his photos to capture those sweet little details. Just look at those lips, eyes, nose and tiny toes in the photos below. So sweet. He is so cute that even when he cried cause he was hungry, it just made him that much cuter. I'm so glad his mama brought him to me on her day off, she works  long shifts at one of the local hospitals, so it was so great she could get him to me for a morning session. Babies just seem to do so much better in the morning after they are fed and have slept all night. I'm so glad his auntie suggested he come get photos from me. Look at that face!!!

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