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Wild ONE! | Children | Cami Thompson Photography-Omaha, NE Photographer

February 07, 2017  •  16 Comments

Loved this cake smash so. When his mama told me she was bringing all this I was so excited. How cute is it, she did an amazing job putting this vision together. I am sad to see another milestone baby graduate but I know this won't be the last time I see him. He sure has grown into quite the little heart breaker. Enjoy some photos from his session, it was a Wild ONE!!!

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Megan Zarembinski(non-registered)
These pictures are adorable. It looks like a talented photographer.
Tess Cramer(non-registered)
I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!! My favorite is the "face covered in cake," while wearing his golden crown. I was also very taken with the close up composition of "little Mack hand," and "little Mack toes," with the white basin! The family photo is a wonderful memory capture of what Mack's happy, healthy, personality-filled family looks like when all the members are able to sit long enough for a picture! Haha! Really, reeeeally beautiful pics!!
Diane Thomas(non-registered)
What adorable photos! So fun to see the growth of the little "wild one" Love the picture with the cake and fingers in his mouth!
Tom Lowry(non-registered)
Great pictures of a special occasion!
Shirley Lowry(non-registered)
Love the pictures of Macks first birthday.
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