Your newborn session is almost here!

I'm sure you are excited to meet your little babe. I remember that feeling. As we are so close to the session, I wanted to get you some tips to prepare. Don't worry, I'll send these out again right before the session.

Styling the session: I have everything I need for baby. For you, I suggest wearing something like a flowing dress. If you don't have any please don't worry and go out and buy one. Just make sure whatever you wear you feel comfortable in. There is a small client closet at the studio, however be prepared to have your own neutral colored outfits. Neutral colors are best, color is great just nothing bright. Avoid logos on shirts as well and don't forget shoes. We can always go barefoot at the studio as well.

Please read carefully:

  • Starting about 3hrs before try to keep baby awake. Giving baby a bath is a great way to try to keep baby awake. The last hour to hour and half let baby settle and feed baby right before you leave. If breastfeeding it can be helpful to pump a bottle so you know baby has a full belly. Also if you are bottle feeding, please bring along extra bottles in case baby gets hungry during the session.
  • Bring a pacifier, this is a huge must! Even though baby might not take it, PLEASE bring one. They are so helpful for transitions during the session. Baby will be moved around between props, so a pacifier is helpful to keep them sleepy. I can't tell you how many times a pacifier has saved a newborn session. 
  • Clean any eye goop out of baby's eyes. Please bring along a washcloth if baby is having trouble with a clogged tear duct.
  • Dress baby in clothes that are easy to get off so we don't wake baby up. Zip up, snaps or magnetic sleepers work best. 
  • The studio can be warm so please plan to dress accordingly.
  • Make sure to have extra bottles, diapers, wipes and a blanket for baby.

COVID UPDATES: I will be washing my hands as soon as you get there as well as using hand sanitizer during the session. Also I will be wearing my mask during the session. When you are not being photographed please wear your mask. I ask that dad and kids leave after the family portion of the session to minimize the amount of people in the studio. Please do not bring along any other people unless someone is needed to drive mom. The studio is sanitized after every session. 

Keep in mind these are all tips I find help make a newborn session go smoothly. This is your baby and you know what is best, please do not stress if things don't go perfectly, just try your best to follow along. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I'm here to help!

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