Everyone Comes Together

I see the best things when I photograph an extended family. The love is strong and real. It's been amazing to see the way these families come together. If you are in Omaha, Nebraska and you are in need of an extended family session, hit a girl up.


Dressing a lot of people and getting everyone to coordinate and work together can be a lot. This family nailed it with the wardrobe. They had a lot of people they were pulling together, since there are 10 siblings plus their families! Using my style guide, pinterest page and color palettes they did magic and came up looking amazing.

Let it happen

Relax and let the session happen. That's when everything comes together, when you are not stressed on the perfect outcome. These are photos you will look back on for years to come and everyone will enjoy them. So let's make it happen. Contact me for your Omaha, NE extended family session.