Let go of expectations and let the magic unfold.

One of the biggest things I want you to remember is to not stress about the session. As long as you show up ready for snuggles and fun, everything will work out. Being affectionate is one of the key things I ask during the session. Sometimes it will seem as if nothing is going on, however this is the time when you should be touching noses, holding hands, running your hands through your babes hair. These make for great candid and detail photos. We will have fun, it's ok if your kiddo runs around or licks their sister, we call those lizard licks. If they get rambunctious and start saying super silly things, or trying to show me a new pose. It all works out in the end. I let them do what they want for a minute and then we put our listening ears on so we can play the next game. The one thing I ask of you is to make sure you do not scold your kid during the session. Most of the time this leads to tears and there is usually no coming back from that. So if your child is acting crazy you just have to let it go for the time and pretend it's the cutest thing you've ever seen. Being an Omaha family photographer for as many years as I have, I definitely know and understand that kids will be kids and embracing that is the best thing we can do. Let them be kids, run wild and have fun. Beauty comes from chaos and the magic that comes to life in the photos is sure to make your heart happy.


Please, please, please consider your outfits and listen to what I have to say about them. You'll get guidance on what to wear for the session with my styling tips. Wearing the right clothing to match the season and the location of where your session is taking place is important to creating the best look and feel we can for a successful session. You don't have to spend a ton on outfits, places like Target, H&M, Old Navy, heck even Walmart all have great pieces to wear. You might not find everything for the whole family at one store so make sure to lay everyone's outfits out to see how they work together. Don't forget about shoes, nothing is worse than a fantastic outfit and then a pair of bright yellow old tennis shoes. As we all know in Omaha we need to be prepared for drastic changes in weather. This means you should have a backup plan in place for outfits, sweaters or jackets that can be added or taken off. Accessories also bring the whole look together, like jewelry, hats, suspenders, hair bows, bow ties. And let's face it little kids love to play with things during the session so the accessories gives them something to focus on that isn't a monster truck or dinosaur. You'll also notice that I have the kiddos pick flowers or find things in nature to play with at the session. This brings another layer to the photos as well.

Don't forget...

All these things are tips and tools to help you have a successful photo session with your favorite Omaha family photographer. Just relax and enjoy the moments as they are happening. Show off the authentic connection between you and your family. That is when it all comes together, when you let go and cherish the season of life you are in. Embrace your family and let it happen, the giggles, the snuggles, the kisses and hugs. As long as you own your story and let it unfold, magic will happen.

Let's do this thing!

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